Watch out for IRS scams!!

For several years now, people have been receiving phone calls from those claiming to be with the IRS.  There are generally threats in regard to being delinquent in payments to the IRS and that they are coming to your house with the local sheriff, etc.

The IRS DOES NOT simply threaten you without notification!  They have procedures in place which consist of sending you repeated notices in regard to issues.

If you should receive a phone call of this nature, please contact the IRS!

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Are you confused about year end deadlines in regard to payroll requirements, W2’s, 1099’s?

It is important to know and understand what dates apply for the various reporting documents.

Even though it is the end of January already, we can help clear up the confusion and get reporting done easily and quickly!

Contact us for help today! 559-283-8750

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End of Year Confusion

If you started a new business in 2015, the end of the year processes may be somewhat confusing.  And you certainly don’t want to overlook something!  (Those things tend to come back and cause problems down the road!)

Good News…We Can Help!  Give us a call to schedule a consultation now!  559-283-8750

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