Our area of expertise is taking care of accounting needs for small busy businesses! We’d like to help you have more time to do what you do best.

Focus on your business!

Did you go into business to do bookkeeping or payroll?

We all have areas that we excel in, ours is helping small businesses, like yours, take care of their accounting needs. How can we help?

Outsourced bookkeeping, we do all the work!

Outsourced payroll services, including preparation of quarterly & annual reports, payment of payroll tax deposits.

QuickBooks consultation, setup, training.

Save you time and money

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  • We will partner with your CPA...

    •  To provide information for tax preparation
    •  Preparing financial statements
    •  For tax planning
    •  Save time and money
    •  Give us a call (559) 283-8750
    • "Marjorie goes above and beyond what is asked of her! I have trusted her with my financial life and that of my family!"

      Cheryl, Fisherman's Net LLC, Wister, OK

  • Payroll can be a big concern, meeting the deadlines with the IRS & EDD

    We can take the worry away by...

    Preparing weekly, semi-weekly, monthly or quarterly payroll

    Preparing ALL quarterly & annual reports, including W-2’s

    Making the payroll tax deposits for you

  • About our company

    • Over 25 years of experience working with many different industries.
    • QuickBooks Certified with Desktop, Online, Point of Sale & Enterprise.

    We believe...

    • Professional accounting services can be affordable for small businesses.
    • Integrity, honesty, dependability, accuracy and efficiency are necessary when trusting your financial information to someone.
    • Personal service with a SMILE!

    QuickBooks: consultation, assist with software choice & purchase, setup &
    training with the software

    We are available to bring our services to your office for consultations, setups and training.

    Whether you choose to outsource your accounting needs to us or do it in-house, we will be there to assist you and make sure that your focus can be centered on the main aspect of your business!